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There are various resources available. You can see videos, presentations and hints for specific events under "past events". You can also find all presentations in our corresponding GitLab repository where this page is hosted here.

On this page you find a structured list of resources - not complete but containing core information.

Presentation Slides

Title Description
OpenStudyBuilder Flyer Flyer (2023-02-17)
OpenStudyBuilder Poster Poster (2024-04-29)
Community Meeting Overview Overview & Links (2024-01-29)
OpenStudyBuilder as MDR OpenStudyBuilder as Metadata Repository (MDR) Collaboration kick-off
OpenStudyBuilder for EDC Integrations OpenStudyBuilder for standard CRF design and EDC integrations
OpenStudyBuilder to DDF and USDM OpenStudyBuilder in the context of DDF and the USDM format
Concept based standards in OpenStudyBuilder supporting structured protocol content and submission deliverables Introduction with Demo Slides (2022-10-27)
OpenStudyBuilder - Open source MDR Introduction including focus areas, next steps, how to get started & getting along
StudyBuilder - Leveraging the Graph for Clinical Standards and Trials Showing underlying graph structures and examples
OpenStudyBuilder - The Game Changer! Open-source and community aspects
OpenStudyBuilder Introduction (2022-04-27)


Title Description
OpenStudyBuilder - Demonstration of Application (27:59) Demonstration of the Application (Functionality / User Interface)
OpenStudyBuilder as MDR Collaboration kick-off (47:00) Recorded kick-off meeting
COSA Spotlight (COSA Workshop on how OpenStudyBuilder can be used to drive EDC setup) (30:00) Nicolas shared information about the status of the CRF design and EDC integration plans promoting the COSA Workshop on OpenStudyBuilder EDC Integrations.
(2024-03-26 - starting at 25')
OpenStudyBuilder - Background & Scope (11:16) Introduction with Background and Scrope
OpenStudyBuilder - Use Cases (13:55) Showing different Use Cases
OpenStudyBuilder as SDR Solution (5:18) DDF Connectathon - quickly show how the OpenStudyBuilder can be used as SDR
OpenStudyBuilder for Standards and Protocol (5:22) DDF Connectathon - quickly show how the OpenStudyBuilder can be used for standards management and protocol automation
OpenStudyBuilder with EDC Integrations (6:11) DDF Connectathon - quickly show how EDC Integrations can be done with the OpenStudyBuilder
CRF support in OpenStudyBuilder (4:10) Show the CRF support in the OpenStudyBuilder (currently available on the standards level)

Additional Resources

Content Description
Paper Open-Source Protocol Automation with the OpenStudyBuilder (2023-11-06)
Paper Open-Source MDR & SDR - Managing your standards with the OpenStudyBuilder (2023-11-06)