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The current implementation required CDISC library access to access CDISC standards (freely available also for non-CDISC-members), a Neo4j database license for the database (a community version is available) and a set of servers where the web applications and API services can run. A docker-setup is available as well.

Access to the open-source code is available via GitLab.

Access to a cloud-based or a dedicated evaluation environment can be provided by Neo4j free of charge. Please check the following section for more information.

It is also possible to run the full system on a local desktop environment or on an individual cloud subscription on any of the main cloud providers. Instructions on how to set up the system on a local desktop can be found in the readme file. The different components can also be used independently due to the modular implementation and API usages - install instructions are available in the single sub-areas readme files.

Cloud evaluation environments

To evaluate the OpenStudyBuilder, Neo4j can provide you with an evaluation environment in different flavors, cloud-based and leveraging AuraDB.

This environment can be provided to you in different ways:

Type Access Complete initial dataset Custom data Usable for production Pricing
Sandbox Public No No - creating elements is possible, but this environment will be refreshed periodically No Free
Custom sandbox Restricted Optionally Yes No Free - Limited time
Dedicated Restricted Yes Yes Optionally See contact details below

All of the above can be made available in a modular fashion, for instance:

  1. Neo4j AuraDB database + OpenStudyBuilder App and API
  2. Neo4j AuraDB database + OpenStudyBuilder API (build your own Study Builder app on top of it)
  3. Neo4j AuraDB database only (for exploration purposes)

Please note that Neo4j AuraDB exists in 3 flavors :

  1. Free - Free forever, with limited number of nodes and relationships
  2. Pro - Pay as you go, for medium scale applications
  3. Enterprise - Advanced security and support

To learn more, visit the AuraDB website here, or see contact details below.

Contact details

For more information about the evaluation environment, please use the following contact information:

Public Sandbox Access

The public sandbox access can be requested via mail: (Request Sandbox Access).