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OpenStudyBuilder's true strength lies in its potential for downstream usage. It can seamlessly integrate with tools and systems through it's available Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The table below provides an overview of available integrations, along with their status.

Area Tool Name Content & Status
Protocol OpenStudyBuilder Word Add-In Novo Nordisk has developed a Word Add-In that can create and update structured parts of the protocol within an existing Word template.
Status - Productive usage, open source released planned in 2024
EDC Marvin EDC EdiventIQ has developed a proof of concept that integrates the ODM.xml file generated by OpenStudyBuilder into the Marvin EDC system.
Status - PoC available
EDC Oracle Clinical One Oracle has developed a comprehensive integration for OpenStudyBuilder into the Oracle Clinical One EDC system. Study automation has been created which imports all relevant information from OpenStudyBuilder to set up the EDC for a study, including visits, assessments, checks, and more.
Status - PoC available
EDC Veeva EDC Novo Nordisk is actively developing integrations of OpenStudyBuilder into the Veeva EDC system. Concurrently, Veeva is developing APIs to enable the automation required for this integration.
Status - in development, PoC expected 2024/2025
ePRO Marvin ePRO EvidentIQ has demonstrated the integration of the Oracle ClinicalOne EDC into their Marvin ePRO system. Both systems can integrate with the OpenStudyBuilder.
Status - PoC available